Weight gain is promoted by the chemicals added to our foods.

This video reveals my most powerful information from over 35 years of clinical practice.

Discover  why you need to know the 5 dangers that threaten our health and some experts feel, even our existence. See the list below.

Trying to understand what you are eating and why losing weight or just feeling good is such a challenge.

Weight loss is more difficult today because of the chemicals added to our foods and the chemicals ingested due to the big-ag commercial farming today.  The foods of 50 years ago were significantly different.

The your good health you need to know how to avoid or at least minimize these 5 dangerous chemicals.

Consider the frequency of these conditions:


Autism and other learning disorders.

Antibiotic resistant diseases.


Obesity, diabetes.

Auto-immune diseases.

Many Cancer rates have gotten worse.

Alzheimer's and more. . .

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